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Shreya Ghoshal: Five-Time National Film Award Winner for Best Female Playback Singer 2023.

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Shreya Ghoshal, a name reverberating with melodious tunes and soulful renditions, has once again captured the hearts of music lovers and film connoisseurs.

The 69th National Film Awards ceremony saw a moment of triumph when Shreya Ghoshal won her fifth National Film Award.

 Shreya Ghoshal holding a National Film Award, radiating joy and achievement. image credit-mirchi plus
Shreya Ghoshal holding a National Film Award, radiating joy and achievement. imagr credit-mirchi plus

There was applause as the jury announced her as the recipient of the Best Female Playback Singer award for her mesmerizing rendition of ‘Mayava Chayava’ from the film ‘Iravin Nizhal’. This achievement adds another remarkable chapter in his illustrious musical journey.

A blossoming career marked by excellence

Shreya Ghoshal’s journey to stardom began on a great note when she received her first National Award in 2003. The mesmerizing ‘Bairi Piya’ from the film ‘Devdas’ marked his first win, setting the stage for a series of stupendous achievements. She enthralled audiences and critics alike with her versatile vocals and soulful expressions.

In the years that followed, Shreya Ghoshal was showered with honours. ‘Dheere Jalna’ from the film ‘Paheli’ and ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye’ from ‘Jab We Met’ have sealed their hold on the National Award. However, 2010 proved to be a year of extraordinary recognition, as he won a National Award for not one, but two different songs. ‘Jeev Dangla’ from the Marathi film ‘Jogwa’ and ‘Ferrari Mon’ from the Bengali film ‘Antaheen’ demonstrated his ability to excel in different languages and cultures.

National Film Awards: An iconic tradition

Since its inception in 1954, the National Film Awards remain a symbol of cinematic excellence and creative brilliance. The event, which was eagerly awaited by the entire nation, culminates with a grand exhibition of award winning films for the public. The Honorable President of India takes center stage to confer the honours, underlining the importance of these honors in the cultural image of the country.

Shreya Ghoshal’s Enduring Legacy

Shreya Ghoshal’s five National Film Awards serve as a testimony to her enduring legacy in the world of music and cinema. His melodious voice has the power to transport listeners to different levels of emotion, be it the joy of love, the pangs of separation, or the euphoria of celebration. With each performance, she creates a musical journey that resonates with the soul of the audience.

  1. Q1: How many National Film Awards has Shreya Ghoshal won?

    : Shreya Ghoshal has won the National Film Award five times.

  2. Q2: Which was the first National Award winning song of Shre

    : ya Ghoshal? His first National Award winning song was 'Bairi Piya' from the film 'Devdas'

  3. Q3: In which year Shreya Ghoshal won National Award for two songs?

    : Shreya Ghoshal achieved this feat in the year 2010.

  4. Q4: What is the significance of National Film Awards?

    : The National Film Awards hold great cultural and cinematic significance, recognizing excellence in Indian cinema.

  5. Q5: Who presents the National Film Awards?

    : The awards are presented by the Honorable President of India, which increases their prestige and honour

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